Browtiful, from mess to yasssss!

So, let's talk about brows; big, skinny, arched, straight, and now this crazy wavy brow thing is enough to make you tweeze all your brow hairs and just give up!  Don't do that, trust me, I did that in high school. Christina Aguilera’s music video, “Beautiful,” sent me straight to my mother's medicine cabinet to pluck out damn near every brow hair I had.  Those suckers never grew back, now I am a self-proclaimed brow product expert.  

I am currently on a very natural and fluffy brow kick.  I like my brows to look like I have actual hairs where really I just have skin.  I could get them microbladed but not only am I terrified of needles and sharp objects, I also have zero tattoos. My first tattoo will certainly not be on my face.  I am really just a scaredy cat. But for real though, you'd have to be a microblading God if you’re going to come near my brows with a microNEEDLE. Eek! Maybe someday... 

But for now I love the NYX Waterproof Brow Gel in Brunette and Espresso as well as the Anastasia of Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. To apply, I use a MAC Angled Brush. I use this little combo to get my poor excuse for eyebrows looking fluffy and fierce.  I always use short, hair-like strokes. I don't (usually) use concealer to sharpen under the brow because I love the look of natural brow hair.  

rdArtistry - Eyebrow Tutorial-276_preview.jpg

Take a look at my video to see the steps!


Rachel Danielle

Rachel Danielle